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At the Institute for Standards and Safety, any form of corruption (bribery, embezzlement, favoritism, extortion, and the like) is strictly prohibited.

ISS upholds high ethical standards in accordance with the rules of this Policy, which applies without exception to directors, all managers, department heads and assistant directors, all other employees, business partners, and other stakeholders with whom they conduct business.

All employees of the Institute for Standards and Safety, including the director, and other staff members are informed and educated about this Policy.

ISS does not engage in any form of corruption or any other unlawful activities. Receipt or provision of bribes, as well as other forms of corrupt practices, are subject to appropriate sanctions based on applicable legal regulations and general acts of the Institute for Standards and Security, in accordance with the Guidelines on Sanctions of the Anti-Corruption Management System.

ISS does not accept transactions or business relationships involving corrupt practices. ISS unequivocally does not participate in offering or accepting bribes or any other forms of encouragement for corrupt practices. ISS consciously declines participation in any transaction where corrupt practices form any part of the business relationship.

Before making decisions related to specific transactions, projects, and activities, or before entering specific business or partnership relationships at the Institute for Standards and Safety, a thorough analysis is mandatory. The result of the in-depth analysis is determined by the director.

ISS has an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) in place that complies with the requirements of the ISO 37001:2016 standard. This system is implemented to prevent and deter corrupt practices within the operations of the Institute for Standards and Security. In the event that corrupt practices are identified, ISS will report this to the relevant authorities in accordance with legal regulations.

The director is regularly briefed on all matters pertaining to this system. For the sake of efficiency and improvement, this Policy and the supporting processes are reviewed at least once a year.

In order to mitigate and reduce the risk of corrupt practices within the operations of the Institute for Standards and Safety, the director supports the implementation of the mentioned Anti-Bribery Management System in accordance with this Policy and established objectives.

This Policy is communicated to the public and internally within the Institute for Standards and Security, ensuring that service users of ISS, business partners, employees, and other stakeholders are aware of the organization's serious commitment to fighting corruption and are obligated to adhere to this Policy. This Policy is published on the Institute for Standards and Safety.
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