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Quality Policy

Quality is the fundamental value on which ISS bases its work.

The commitment to quality is evident in the realization of the vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives:
Providing employees with opportunities to acquire a high level of knowledge, skills, and competencies, and increasing employee satisfaction while continuously encouraging their participation in improving the Company's activities;

Enhancing the Company's activities by regularly collecting feedback from employees and stakeholders regarding their satisfaction with the Company's work;
Involving all stakeholders in the Company's activities through open dialogue and collaboration;
Regularly publishing reports that describe and analyze general findings of external quality assurance activities;
Conducting regular, independent, and autonomous external quality assurance, for which activities and outcomes are fully accountable;

Ensuring the professional conduct of Company employees in communication with stakeholders based on principles of equality and non-discrimination on any basis;

Implementing and continuously improving processes of internal quality assurance and periodic external evaluations that demonstrate the alignment of activities with quality standards;

Ensuring regular review and assessment of the Quality Policy with the aim of monitoring and improving its effectiveness and efficiency;

Employees of ISS are familiar with the Quality Policy and act in accordance with it in their daily activities.
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