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The Institute for Standards and Safety respects and applies the principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, and confidentiality in the processes of providing certification, verification, and other types of assessment services for businesses and organizations.

The Institute for Standards and Safety does not engage in advisory services that facilitate the resolution of issues that pose obstacles to obtaining certificates.

ISS operates impartially and avoids any conflict of interest that could compromise its ability to make unbiased decisions.

ISS ensures impartiality through:
a clearly defined organizational structure, impartiality policy, and procedures,
managing conflicts of interest and ensuring the objectivity of certification activities' validation and verification,
taking measures to prevent any threat to impartiality that may arise from auditors' activities outside the organization, subcontractors, related bodies, and other organizations,
nurturing a professional approach and conduct within the organization, supporting staff that upholds impartiality.
ISS staff and other employees are committed to understanding this policy, adhering to principles and documented requirements, and maintaining continuous competence.

The company's management is dedicated to providing all necessary resources, supporting stakeholders' involvement, and ensuring effective operation and continuous improvement of the company's management system.

In Sarajevo, on September 30, 2020.
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