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Trening- Traning

Our certification bodies issue certificates that are internationally recognized in all countries. Certification bodies are accredited by Accredited Bodies that are signatories of the European IAF, EA and MLA Protocols.

The Institute for Standards and Safety organizes individual and modular training with personal certification, accredited for employees in government, public, or private organizations and companies, for the following management systems (individual training):

Quality management system - ISO 9001:2015 (new version)

Environmental management system - ISO 14001: 2015 (new version)

Information security management system - ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Occupational health and safety management system - OH&S 45001: 2018

Food safety management system ISO 22000:2018

IT services management system - ISO/IEC 20000:2011

Business continuity management system - ISO 22301:2012

Risk management - principles and guide - ISO 31000:2009

Energy management system - ISO 50001:2011

Information security breach incident management - ISO/IEC 27035:2018

Asset management – Management systems – ISO 55001:2017

Information technologies - Security techniques - Guidelines for cyber security - ISO/IEC 27032:2015

Management system for the fight against corruption - ISO 37001:2016

Information security risk management - ISO/IEC 27005:2011

Training for GDPR practitioner and Certified Data Protection Officer

Management system for private security services - ISO/IEC 18788:2017

Laboratory quality management system - ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence ISO 15189:2014

Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services ISO/IEC 17065:2014

SO/IEC 17020:2013 conformity assessment

Asset management – Management systems ISO 55001:2017 
Training on knowledge of   ESG  standards and quality guidelines

Trainings conducted by our experienced consultants-lecturers will enable you to develop your individual, team and organizational competencies, to improve the knowledge and skills of your employees and/or partners of your organization and enable them to achieve their  full potential in the best way.  

Training levels:

Depending on your needs, our trainings are adapted to different levels of training, which allow you to gradually and in the best possible way achieve the necessary competencies.

Internal checker (internal auditor)  - in addition to knowledge about the requirements of the relevant standard, it also enables the acquisition of key knowledge and skills for the successful preparation and implementation of checks (audits) of the organization, which enables the long-term maintenance of the desired levels of the management system. 

External verifier (external auditor) - is adapted to the needs of verifiers (auditors) * who perform checks of partner and other organizations ** and enables the acquisition of key knowledge and skills for successful planning, implementation, control and improvement of checks in accordance with the relevant criteria and good practice of external verification.

*  very often these checks are carried out by the leaders of the checking (auditor) teams. 

**  verification of partner organizations belongs to the so-called - verification of the other party - and by its nature is external in nature. Distance training (Distance learning) Distance training takes place through communication via the Internet and is adapted to work in conditions that do not require the presence of the candidate in the classroom. The advantage  of these trainings is that it gives candidates a great deal of freedom in terms of choosing a work environment, as it allows them to attend the training even if they are unable to attend the location where the training takes place, which requires unapijred prepared classrooms.

Asset Management - ISO 55001:2017 Management Systems
Training on Understanding ESG Standards and Quality Guidelines

Our experienced consultant-trainers deliver training that will allow you to develop your individual, team, and organizational competencies, enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees and/or your organization's partners, and enable them to realize their full potential in the best way possible.
Training Levels: Depending on your needs, our training is tailored to various levels of training, allowing you to gradually and effectively acquire the required competencies.

Internal Auditor - In addition to knowledge about the requirements of the relevant standard, this training equips participants with essential knowledge and skills for successfully preparing and conducting audits within the organization. This helps in maintaining desired levels of management systems over the long term.
External Auditor - Designed for the needs of auditors who conduct audits for partner and other organizations, this training provides key knowledge and skills for planning, executing, controlling, and improving audits in line with relevant criteria and best practices of external auditing.

  •  Frequently, these audits are conducted by audit team leaders.

** Audits of partner organizations fall into the category of "second-party audits" and are inherently external in nature.

Distance Learning Training:
Distance learning training takes place via online communication and is adapted to working conditions that do not require candidates to be physically present in a classroom.
The advantage of these trainings lies in the flexibility they offer candidates in terms of their working environment. They can attend training even when unable to be present at a location where classroom-style training sessions are conducted.

Training with Personal Certification
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