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Our certification bodies issue certificates that are internationally recognized in all countries. Certification bodies are accredited by Accredited Bodies that are signatories of the European IAF, EA and MLA Protocols.

Since its establishment, we have been striving to provide high-quality services in the field of international ISO standards, safety standards, and education with personal certification to serve our customers.
The Institute for Standards and Safety, with a base of experienced auditors, provides value-added audits to clients from every business, manufacturing, and service sector.

We combine a thorough understanding of your needs with our specialized expertise to develop tailored solutions that achieve results. We are qualified to assist your organization in managing it’s system.
The international business of ISS is built on utilizing the wealth of experience of its employees across a wide range of business activities, numerous industries, and both the public and private sectors. It offers clients i professional assessments and certification services, while maintaining compliance with ISO 17021 standards.
Principles and values such as independence, objectivity, and a close trust with our clients play a crucial role for us.

Our certification bodies issue internationally recognized certificates in all countries. These bodies are accredited by Accreditation Bodies that are signatories to European IAF, EA, and MLA Protocols.
The Institute for Standards and Safety provides certification services for management systems according to the ISO series standards, tailored to the clients' needs.

ISS is a professional organization operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, backed by highly qualified and experienced personnel.

The Institute for Standards and Safety believes in a professional approach through highly qualified experienced professionals in relevant industries.

Our auditors are certified by the American body Exemplar Global, a world leader in personal certification.
Obtaining an ISO certificate holds the potential for increased business both in existing and new markets. Additionally, it generally improves the quality of service/product offered to clients.

An ISO certificate is a mark of authenticity that provides companies with credibility in the public eye.
Our team embraces new business challenges daily and continually adapts to business requirements, aiming to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

About us


Our Mission:

To provide services of professional and impartial certification for businesses, products, and personnel.
To prioritize and confirm impartiality and independence in all activities.
To operate objectively in every phase of the process and instill confidence in our clients.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become a regional leader in providing certification services for systems, product certifications, and training with personal certification, all accredited by internationally recognized accreditation bodies.

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